Writing Tips

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars."

~Les Brown

Who needs writing advice? Honestly, all you have to do is write an incredible story, and then submit it to the right market. The only hard part is writing an incredible story, and finding the correct market.
However, for those who love to write and want to write and wish to become writers, here's a couple tips:

Advice for Beginning Writers

"An essential aspect of Creativity is not being afraid to fail."

Overcome Fear of the Blank Page

The fear of the Blank Page, in my opinion, is actually a fear of failure. Writers get so consumed with thinking that whatever they write must remain and be PERMANENT. 
It's not.
Write something random. Something stupid. Something simple. Just something to get you going. Writing the word "Start" helps me start. As soon as you've started, you can keep going. I know it. I believe in you.

Overcome "The Cynical Circle"

I know some people can get trapped in "The Cynical Circle" where they rewrite the same paragraph six million times. It's not necessary. Not in the beginning, at least. Write the entire draft of whatever it is--Essay, Short Story, Novel, etc. Then go back and fix the sentence structure. Don't get so caught up in making it "perfect" that you never end up making it. And especially avoid stifling your creative voice with your cynical one. Let yourself speak.

So How do I Write?

Excellent question. Let me know when you find the answer. Everyone writes differently.
I write like this:
~Write for as long as I feel like it.
~Later, come back, read what I've written as a spring board. Make minor changes. Keep writing.
I only read over what I've written once, if I can help it, just so that I can remember where I'm at. When I'm done with the entire draft, I then read the whole piece, without changing anything so that I can get an overall look at what I've created. I'll make notes off to the side to remind myself of stuff that just isn't working. When I've done this, I'll go back in, follow my notes, and add more details. It's so much fun, I repeat this cycle in various forms loads of times. 
But my style might not work for you. Find one that does.

You're Just Not Helping...

Find someone who can. I recommend "Write Away" by Elizabeth George. Her advice on how to write and keep writing, as well on how to edit without killing your inner muse, was invaluable to me.
Also, if you're looking for information on how to start writing for THE FIRST TIME EVER (congratulations!) try following this link, http://www.claredunkle.com/Design/writeindex.htm Explore for a bit. This is the website of author Clare Dunkle, it's where I learned how to write.

Advice for Advanced Writers

"I will win. Not immediately. But definately."


Getting Credentials:

I write novels, but let's be honest, getting a novel published is hard, especially when no one knows who you are. So how do you fix this? Get your name out there! I write short stories, poetry, flash fiction, whatever on the side, and try to get those small pieces published in magazines and anthologies and the like. There's loads of places out there looking for submissions. You can find them by visiting www.duotrope.com. It costs five dollars a month to join, but if you are serious about publishing, it's worth it. You can sign up for a weekly newsletter, and they'll send you markets that are looking for submissions, exactly what they're looking for, and links to the websites so you can learn more about them. It's getting published at it's most basic and simple.

How do I get Published?

There are loads of ways! You can self publish, go directly to a publisher, or find an agent who will help you find a publisher. People have succeeded in all of these ways. Find the one that works best for you, but whatever you do, AVOID VANITY PUBLISHING. Vanity Publishing is when the author pays a press to publish their book. This is different from self publishing. In Vanity publishing, a publisher will ask you to pay them money to print your book. The publisher should never ask for your money. Instead, Agents and Publishers should take a cut of your income, that way, they don't make money unless you make money. Meaning, they won't publish your book unless they truly believe it's going to succe

Looking for an Agent?

So am I. Here's a couple good ways to find one:
Query Tracker: http://www.querytracker.net (Joining is free) You can plug in the type of writing you do, and a bunch of other information, and a list will appear of agents who match your qualifications. Write a stunning query letter, make sure you follow their instructions to the dot, send it in, and wait for a response. The same can be done with Agent Query:  http://www.agentquery.com
Before you submit a query letter though, go to http://pred-ed.com/ Click on the "Agents & Atornies" tab, up at the top, then find alphabetically, the Agency you want to submit your work to. They'll be rated here, and you can learn in advance how well they pay, if they're popular, or if they're frauds. 

It's Just NOT Working!

Yeah, it doesn't always work, and that sucks. But keep trying. Remember, "You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there." (Unknown). If you keep working towards your dream, you will catch it. Not immediately. But definitely.

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