Sunday, October 9, 2016

Enter to Win $50: Review Enchanted Kingdom A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book

Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring book, turns 2 months old today! HOORAY!

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But wait.

We haven't done ANYTHING to commemorate this occasion.

We are fixing that PROMPTLY.

To celebrate, we are hosting a $50 Amazon Giftcard Giveway!

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That's right. Fifty. Whole. Dollars. On Amazon. There, you can buy new colored pencils, new pencil cases, more coloring books *wink wink* or that completely random sparkly thing you've been eyeing for a while but have had no real reason to buy. (We've all got some of those, right?)

How do you enter to win, you might ask?

How to Enter to Win a Boat-Load of Money:

It's pretty simple! Leave a review for "Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-tale Coloring Book" on any of the websites where the book is sold. Simply plug the full title into the search bar of the store you visit, and locate our book (which may or may not require a little bit of scrolling). In case you have forgotten, it looks like this:

Please note, you CAN, yes, CAN COPY AND PASTE REVIEWS, meaning you can leave the same exact review on multiple websites.

Dude, you've already got this money in the bag.

Especially since we've also added a bonus entry - If at least one of your reviews includes images of your copy of Enchanted Kingdom (colored pages or not-colored pages) you can win a whole 5 extra bonus points! For those of you, like me, who have a hard time counting, that means 10 chances to win.

But wait, what if you've already reviewed the book, you ask? Well, congrats! You are ahead of the curve! Old reviews count just as much as new reviews! Simply include the link in the indicated field. (And yes, you CAN update that old review to include images to earn those 5 bonus points!)

To Record Your Reviews Follow These Steps:

1. Log into the Rafflecoptor app at the bottom of this post (it's safe!)
2. Leave a link to your review in each of the indicated fields. Note, you must leave a link to the review, not the review itself!
3. Rafflecoptor will choose a winner at Random at the end of the contest! (So in order to have a chance at the prize money, you must include links to reviews in the Rafflecoptor app!)

That's it!

So what are you waiting for? This giveaway is only happening this week! Enter to win now! (You know you want to.)

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