Monday, July 25, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom - Coloring Contest!!

Are you ready to win FREE STUFF!?

(who isn't?)

To celebrate the upcoming launch of "Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book" A. N. Gephart and I are hosting a COLORING CONTEST *wild cheering in the background*.

Behold The Official Enchanted Kingdom Coloring Contest:

That's right! Your mission, should you choose to select it, is to pick one of the three images below (or all three, we're not actually very picky over here), and COLOR IT.

Door #1: The Griffon from Alice in Wonderland

Door #2: The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Door #3: The Mermaid from The Little Mermaid

But wait! There's more.... 

1: Save the image above and print!
2: Buy a printer if you do not have one, or mooch off of someone who does.
3: See step 1
4: COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR! (and remember to fill out the info so we can contact you if you win!)
5: Once drawing of choice is colored however you want (after all, it IS a free country), take a picture or scan the image and send it to me at the email: with the subject COLORING CONTEST. (otherwise, me or my spam bot might get confused and delete you).
6: Proudly display your colored page on social media of your choice with the hashtag #EnchantedColoring (that's so we can find it and go *squee*!).
7: Spread the word about the contest on social media (remember the hashtag)! The more people who enter, the more prizes we'll give away!

DEADLINE: Sunday August 7th! Judging will take place August 8th. Winners will be announced and posted on the blog August 9th (that's LAUNCH DAY!)

What You'll Be Winning:

So far, Ashley and I will be giving away 3 - yes, count them THREE - copies of Enchanted Kingdom  - along with a slew of other prizes! We'll be announcing just exactly what the whole treasure haul consists of next week! So stay tuned...

So what are you waiting for, people?! Start coloring!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book

So, once upon a time, A. N. Gephart and I made a thing:

(hint, that's the thing)

Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book, is one of those adult/relaxation coloring books that are kind of trending right now. So that kind of explains where I've been for the past year.

Tax evasion has nothing to do with it.

I'm pretty stoked about this thing. It's eighty - yus, eighty pages of fairytale themed art - and it's not just your traditional fairytales. Ashley and I also threw in some art from the classics, so like, Alice and Wonderland (and others!).

The idea of creating the book went something like this:

Ashley: Kim! You should totally create a coloring book!

Me: Ah haha. 

Ashley: You could theme it around fairytales.

Kim: *falls out of chair*

In case you can't tell, I've got a soft spot for fairtales (see above publications) - and most especially, Beauty and the Beast.

And by spot, I mean my whole soul.

Anyway, after convincing Ashley to join me in this crazy adventure, using her typography skills to add gorgeous quotes to the book (that you can COLOR!) the rest is a convulated story of sleepless nights and peculiar incidents, many of which I hope to expound on in the upcoming LAUNCH WEEK. If you dare, you can stay up to date with all my crazy antics via Twitter and Facebook.

Until then, if you reeeeeeeally dare, you can preordering the book from Barns and Noble, Amazon, Walmart, or Target!

Did I say "or"? I meant "and". ;)

And apparently it's in Australia too.