Thursday, April 2, 2015


Recently I've been turning some fanfictions my friends and I wrote into books to put into my portfolio (for the cover art and book composition, not for the story). Some of these fanfics we wrote hard copy, as in, by hand, which means they needed to be typed up.

Several months later, I finally finished typing up the first one! However... there are some funny typos that can make it into a book during a transition like that. In fact, it can be downright deadly. I've drawn a few of my favorites...

ONE: Messed up capitalization. 

This doesn't seem like a problem until a cute romantic moment crops up...

That suddenly turns into a STALKER moment...

TWO: Losing a letter.

Not a big deal...

until MORE than a letter is lost--

THREE: Mixing up letters.

turns into something even SCARIER.

FOUR: Losing a letter (again)

Because I don't currently have a funny example where an extra letter is added in, you get to enjoy a second lost letter mistake.

Suddenly turns strange...

Spellcheck can save relationships people. I mean, when it's not destroying them--

FIVE: Spellcheck checks out.

But when autocorrect isn't automatically correct...

This is why I'm an artist and author, not an editor.

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