Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My First Cedar Fort Books Are In!!

Hey! Remember back when I did my internship for Cedar Fort? The first two books I worked on are now appearing in shelves! BEHOLD Project 1:

So with this project, ENDURING LIGHT, I teamed up with the head fiction designer, Michelle, to recreate a book cover. The original cover (on the left) was designed to fit a 5X8 trade paperback. However, for the next print, the company decided to up the size to 6X9. Problem is, when covers are made in Photoshop, you can't just drag it bigger without damaging the quality. So, what ended up happening was Michelle and I recreated and improved the cover using visually similar elements. The girl and trees were recovered from the original design. However, Michelle picked out the new cowboy and the fence. I worked on the trees in the midground, and that subtle horse. I don't know if you can see it very clear in this shot, but I also intensified and recreated the foggy colors and textures in the background. Now people really have to endure that light!

Tragically, since this is a recreation, neither Michelle's name or mine ended up on the inside flap under 'cover designer'. The credit still goes to the original artist. *Sigh*

Anyway, Project 2 is POWERFUL PERENNIALS, a gardening book.

This one I didn't touch the cover on, but I edited a lot of the inside content. IE, I redesigned the entire thing. The reason? The original designer created this book to be 10X8 but then the company decided it needed to be 9X9. Which meant everything on the inside had to be redesigned. Since the original designer was AWOL, guess who got to do all that work? The solo design intern (me!).

I don't have samples of the original, which is a shame, because it was gorgeous, but I do have the new design I made.

Tragically, my name didn't make it into the design credit of this one either. I'm not sure why. Regardless, I really hope I have the opportunity to work more with books in the future. I love holding the finished project in my hands.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jack Frost

On Easter, my friends and I were watching RISE OF THE GUARDIANS

If you have not watched this yet, do so now.

The cast is pretty gnarly, as I'm sure you guessed considering it's made entirely from fairytale characters.


The Sand Man

The Tooth Fairy

The Easter Bunny (he's my favorite!)

And the super attractive, voiced by Chris Pine...

Jack Frost

The plot's something about saving the world, or you know, whatever--it's great--watch it--
During one of the slow scenes though, right when all hope is lost and the heroes are doomed...

(this part)

One of my friends says,

And then my other friend says,


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just Whatever

For the past little while, I've been experimenting and mixing various mediums. Since I'm obsessed with the books my friends and I write, most of my art recently has been of my favorite characters.

This picture is a sample of the mixed media I've been doing (most often watercolor with ink drawn on top.) There's one of white pencil on black paper, and then the book cover I graphic designed for my current work in progress, VILLAINOUS.

A couple of the drawings on this wall were gifts, but most of them are sketches I made based off of the work of other artists, tweaked to fit my characters. To see the original sketches, explore my boards on Pinterest!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Recently I've been turning some fanfictions my friends and I wrote into books to put into my portfolio (for the cover art and book composition, not for the story). Some of these fanfics we wrote hard copy, as in, by hand, which means they needed to be typed up.

Several months later, I finally finished typing up the first one! However... there are some funny typos that can make it into a book during a transition like that. In fact, it can be downright deadly. I've drawn a few of my favorites...

ONE: Messed up capitalization. 

This doesn't seem like a problem until a cute romantic moment crops up...

That suddenly turns into a STALKER moment...

TWO: Losing a letter.

Not a big deal...

until MORE than a letter is lost--

THREE: Mixing up letters.

turns into something even SCARIER.

FOUR: Losing a letter (again)

Because I don't currently have a funny example where an extra letter is added in, you get to enjoy a second lost letter mistake.

Suddenly turns strange...

Spellcheck can save relationships people. I mean, when it's not destroying them--

FIVE: Spellcheck checks out.

But when autocorrect isn't automatically correct...

This is why I'm an artist and author, not an editor.