Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Authoor’s Power, and Mine: A Guest Post by Gant-o’-the-Lute

How magnificent it must feel to be an author!

Ah, my hostess Kimberly, and all of your kin – brethren in arms mightier than the sword – do you even realize the magic you wield? With your words, you command a cosmos. With yours, Danielle, author o’ mine, you can even influence me – or at the least, the surroundings to which I must react. Power over Gant-o’-the-Lute? Power indeed! And you know my pride demands I give you none of it for free.

I daresay there are some characters out in the ether, somewhere, who do what they can to make matters easy on their storytellers. (Ahem, Edgwyn Wyle.) Not I. Of all the many fine words one might find to describe me, “submissive” and “tame” are not among them, whereas “obstinate” may well be. Though I’ve little desire to attain royalty, I will have sovereignty over my own self, and over my place in my story. For all her power, Danielle cannot make me do anything I refuse.

A pity for her she can’t write for herself a magical flute of the like she wrote me.With that flute, the power of an author is mine. Power to control the world into which I was written, to reshape or escape it however I wish. Had I so desired, Danielle’s little plot for mylatest adventure could have all been blown to pieces. Had I grown bored with the plans she had for me— Oh, come to think of it…I did.

She was content to use me and my magic as little more than a plot device to further my co-characters’ story. “Here you are, Lute,” said she, in essence. “Unlimited power. Off you go to use it for the good of mankind!”

Clearly, she missed the part where I stated I’m not Edgwyn Wyle. Not submissive, not tame, and not pure and selfless by half. If I benefit mankind, that’s all very well and good…and completely incidental. My story. My adventure. My power to serve my own ends.

So I stopped her where she was, turned her around, and decreed she insert a new chapter.

We’ve been working together for several years, my author and I. The courting stage was easy, back in the first-draft days of “The Seventh Spell”. She expected little of me, I delivered over and above (naturally), and while she was still staring in awe, I put in an order for a book of my own. She agreed…and she dawdled, drafting what would be Book Five of The Wilderhark Tales before doubling back to give me what she promised. This would prove to be an aggravating pattern. Seems the only way I can manipulate her into writing for me on the instant is to put a song in her head while she’s trying to fall asleep, for well she knows the lyrics won’t be there if she puts them off until the morning. Our relationship is a tug-o’-war battle of wills, each of us throwing our weight around any way we can, fighting to reestablish who’s on top.

For the record, it’s me.

She knows this; has learned and relearned that, when it comes to Gant-o’-the-Lute, Gant-o’-the-Lute knows far better than she. Therefore, when I insisted “The Song Caster” needed the chapter I gave her, she wrote it in without protest. And my book is all the more magical for it. All the more true. All the more me at my freest, with no power weighty enough to hold me down.

No power, save for one.

I’ll not tell you what it is. (Though the Edgwyn Wyles among you could guess.) Read and see for yourselves, good people. My author and I have done all in our power to make it well worth your time.

And that it is! For your very own chance to become part of the magic, read The Song Caster (complete with link to said book!)

Thank you, Lute, for appearing on my blog! *blushes sheepishly* If not a tad belatedly.

And thank you, Danielle, for allowing Lute the chance to speak his mind!