Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Way of the Muse By Lucianíel

Today as a stop of the INSPIRED blog tour by the fantastic Danielle E. Shipley, I shall be hosting an interview with Luc, the muse, and arguably, master source of inspiration for the story INSPIRED (no offense Danielle).

Take it away, Luc!

I should like to begin by thanking you, Kimberly. A muse is not often called upon to come to the fore, like this. Ours is a background role – one which has been anything from scarcely acknowledged to exalted to the point where our mates refuse to lift a finger without us there to stroke and coddle them.

You might think it a strange, suggestive choice of word, “mates”. Yet it is only true. Not a mating of bodies, but of the minds, and even the spirits, of the artist and their source of inspiration.

The word “inspire” encapsulates the muse’s responsibility well. We influence our artist’s thoughts and guide their actions. We animate their desire to create, and enliven their enthusiasm. We impel and incite them when they’re feeling slothful, and draw out the inner them-ness needed to make the work their own. We breathe life.

Just as anyone can become an artist, so can anyone become a muse. And just as with artists, not all muses will be any good. It requires finesse, patience, and dedication for a muse to be all that the artist needs. For artists are unstable creatures, full of contradictions. Hardworking and lazy. Bursting with pride and crushed with insecurity. Brilliant, beautiful fools. Not to mention cheap. A muse need not expect to see a penny for their trouble, no matter the wealth their work may bring their artist.

What, then, does a muse get out of the job?

I cannot speak for all of us, for we are many, and I daresay our motivations are as varied as we are. For myself, I am a muse because I love it. I am in love with creation, with watching things become, with transforming nothing into something, somethings into great things, great things into glory! My artist’s glory is my own, and the world may never know it, but they do not need to. It is enough for me to know. Me and my author. My partner. My precious other half. Together, we are all I need. And the worlds – all worlds – are ours for the making.

Thank you, Luc, for this brilliant insight into the inspiration behind INSPIRED.

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  1. My thanks again, dear hostess. Our passing partnership has been my pleasure.
    Stay inspired,
    ~ Luc

  2. Ooh, I think we need more men with this much passion in the world. Beautiful insights!