Saturday, September 14, 2013

Art Demo

Recently, I've started up school again (a moment of silence for the loss of fair Summer seasons ... ). As I continue my degrees in Illustration and Creative Writing, I stumble across fascinating information.

Lately I've been taking a class called "Rendering the Human Head" where you draw, well, human heads. Like, real looking ones, not just the fun cartoon-y ones I splatter all over my blog.

That said, I've learned some techniques that I didn't think would work, but actually DO!

1) Draw the picture entirely with angels and straight lines, at first:

This helps establish accuracy in length and width--IE, proportion.

2) Add shadows, also in angles. Double check proportions. 

3) As you work, you can start to smooth out the straight lines into accurate curves and add midtones:

This hasn't actually been covered in my class yet, but I've drawn enough in my life to connect some dots. 

What this has helped me most with, is making sure my eyes match up. I can't tell you how hard it is to draw a picture and make sure the eyes are proportionate to each other and THEN, on top of that, are focused in the same direction. Too many of my sketchbook practice drawings are cross eyed.

On a complete tangent, I've also been working on some "studies" in that class--where you draw the same thing six million times from twenty-eight different angels:

It's fascinating. And time consuming. And fun :}

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