Saturday, August 3, 2013


Presenting the winners of my FIRST EVER blog giveaway!

Thank you to everyone who participated. I enjoyed reading your answers--whether serious, or funny, I appreciate the thought you guys put into them!

And now, drumroll please...

Presenting, the 3rd place, randomly selected winner who shall receive a pack of Disney Princess stickers, along with "One More Day" bookmarks and a mini masterpiece by yours truely....

Joseph Ramirez

Joseph, I enjoyed your clever decision to save items with you that would be valuable when you woke. Congratulations on winning!

Presenting 2nd place, randomly selected winner of a lovely clock necklace, bookmarks, and a mini masterpiece....

Jon Seethaler

Jon, your "test your love" solution to getting out of your curse made me laugh. Congratulations!

And the GRAND PRIZE randomly selected winner of the Barns and Noble gift card (along with aforementioned bookmarks and mini masterpiece is...


Miam, I enjoyed the visual of everyone who entered the contest at a party together. Congratulations on winning!

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Winners, you have one week to contact me (most easily done via email, with where you would like me to send your winnings! Thanks again everyone!