Friday, August 30, 2013

"Sleepless Beauty" -- a SNEAK PEEK!

Please enjoy the opening paragraphs for my upcoming publication, "Sleepless Beauty" to be found in the "One More Day" anthology compiled by J. Taylor Publishing!


I didn’t realize anything was wrong until I found the princess out cold on the floor.

“Shoot.” I knelt at her side, nudging back her extravagant lace sleeve to check her pulse. Her heartbeat pattered under my fingertips.

Not caring if I soiled my gown, I crawled around to her head. As a palace servant, dirt always clung to me—something Princess Clarissa never failed to note. If conscious, she’d say something like, ‘Are you cleaning the floor, Aesira, or is the floor cleaning you?’

A fair question but one I despised none-the-less.

I pushed Clarissa’s long blonde hair off her face, half amazed the weight of her luscious locks hadn’t suffocated her. Fingers pressed against her forehead, I found no fever. I lifted one eyelid, staring into the hollow blue orb before waving my hand in front of it. No reaction. Her lid sprang back into place as I let go.

A soft blush crept over her cheeks while plush lips puckered as if expecting a kiss in her sleep.

“Shoot.” I sat up straight, my long brown braid slapping my back. “Please tell me you weren’t that stupid.”

I raised her hand. On her index finger glistened a bead of ruby blood. Reaching for her other arm, I tugged the hem of her sleeve back to reveal the spindle she held.

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