Thursday, July 18, 2013

"One More Day" Giveaway III! (The Ultimate!)

Why is this THE ULTIMATE giveaway you ask?

Well, because this giveaway can be found RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG!

That's right! I, Kimberly Kay, am doing a "One More Day" giveaway!

There will be THREE, yes, THREE, prizes awarded, and not just ANY prizes, mind you! Not only are these themed around the concept of "One More Day," but they are also geared toward my specific Anthology piece, "Sleepless Beauty" (a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, if the title wasn't enough of a hint).


3rd Place:

A lovely set of DISNEY PRINCESS stickers! (The most important and applicable being the one I have my thumb on) These fashionable stickers are suitable for all occasions, from decorating binders and journals to the faces of sleeping siblings and/or significant others.

2nd Place:

(Clock open)

(Clock closed)

This delicate pocket watch necklace, complete with fashionable casing that opens to reveal time, or remains closed as an ideal accessory. Chain reaches from neck to navel. Keep track of every precious second of every precious day!

1st Place:

A $15 BARNS AND NOBLE GIFT CARD. (That's enough for one book of your choice!) Because, honestly, isn't reading what readers do best? And GASP, is that my AUTOGRAPH on the giftcard!? Keep it, it will be worth millions one day.

Aaaand all winners will receive a BONUS, TOP SECRET, NEVER BEFORE SEEN mini masterpiece (3 inches by 3 inches) illustration from a scene within my work, "Sleepless Beauty" done in the fashionable Chibi style found absolutely everywhere on my blog. ALONG WITH complementary "One More Day" bookmarks. 

How can you get a chance at these lovely, free gifts, you ask?

Simple, below in the comments (or on my Facebook page or on Twitter to @KimberlyAKay) answer the question, "What would you do if you were cursed today that by this time tomorrow, you would prick your finger on a spindle and fall into a one hundred year sleep?" 

With your answer, your name will automatically enter into the raffle to win! The contest will last exactly two weeks, plus one more day. (Clever, yes?). So any time between July 18-August 2, share your creative/dramatic/endearing/whatever answers. Winners shall be announced on August 3, both on this blog, Twitter, and my Facebook page.

I look forward to your words! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"One More Day" Giveaway II!

Want to make certain YOU'VE got a chance to win some ONE MORE DAY related prizes?! Here's ANOTHER CHANCE! 

Skip on over to the blog of fellow author, Danielle E. Shipley, and follow her instructions for a chance to win some wonderful prizes (And ya'll gotta know Danielle, she's the one who wrote the amazing, the wonderful, "The Swan Prince (Book One of the Wilderhark Tales)".

Best of luck!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"One More Day" Giveaway!

Just when you thought life couldn't get any better, here's a chance to win some FREE STUFF in relation to the "One More Day" anthology which my work, "Sleepless Beauty" will appear in. To see the goodies, and win some FANTABULOUS prizes, follow this link to the blog of fellow "One More Day" co-author, L. S. Murphy.

So. Worth. It.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Highway Patrol

So the other day, after riding in the car for like six million hours, I was like...

Super. Bored.

And so I thought to myself:
I'll do a writing exercise where I watch the people driving by, and give them a history!

This guy is a millionaire, but he loves his construction job so much that he keeps working anyway.

These two college kids are also filthy rich, but they're deathly afraid of girls, so blew all their money on the really expensive car they're driving instead of taking out wonderful girls like me.

Not that I'm bitter.

*eye contact*

That was the end of that game.