Thursday, June 13, 2013

"One More Day" Preview!!

Interested to see what all you'll be getting when you purchase a stunning copy of "One More Day" (due to come out December 2, 2013)? Read on!!

For those desiring the lovely paperback books you can hold and hug and love:

If you prefer the easy access, take anywhere Ebook, behold!

Need a reminder of the upcoming novel? Save the image below, and upload it to your desktop!

More images to come, stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, the authors of the "One More Day" anthology are preparing for a blog tour. Want to learn behind the scenes information about any number of the stories (including my own) found in the anthology? You could read all about it, or you could HOST US YOURSELF!

Ask us questions about our stories!
Ask us questions about our lives!
Find ways to help spread the word about a great book!
Interact with the authors (Bragging rights over your friends for the next million years)!
Tell us what YOU would do if tomorrow never happened!

If YOU are interested in hosting us on YOUR blog, or have questions in regards to what all hosting half a dozen stunning authors entails, leave a commet below, or send me an email at I'll get back to you with the details as soon as I have them!

I can hardly wait

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