Monday, May 13, 2013

Cover Reveal for "One More Day"

Presenting, the cover of the Anthology, One More Day, to come out this winter.
I'm so, like, obsessively excited about this you guys!!

Back of the Book Blurb:

What if today never ends?

What if everything about life--everything anyone hoped to be, do, experience--never happens?

Whether sitting in a chair, driving down the road, in surgery, jumping off a cliff or flying ... that's where you'd be ... forever.

Unless ...

In One More Day, Erika Beebe, Marissa Halvorson, Kimberly Kay, J. Keller Ford, Danielle E. Shipley and Anna Simpson join L.S. Murphy to give us the answers to two big questions, all from the perspective of characters under the age of eighteen.

How do we restart time?

How do we make everything go back to normal?

The answer, in whatever the world--human, alien, medieval, fantasy or fairytale--could, maybe, happen today.

Right now.

What would you do if this happened ... to you?


  1. I'm sooooooooo proud of you!!!

  2. Wow! It looks even more gorgeous against your starry background!

  3. Nice post. :-)

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