Friday, May 31, 2013

A Perry Happy Birthday!

So a couple weeks ago, it was sort of my birthday and, as tends to happen around that time of year, people were trying to buy me things. Specifically, my sister.

I'll admit, she had an extremely clever, top secret, covert plan to get information out of me this year.

My response was purposefully vague.

For those of you who might be wondering, "What's a Perry?" This is Perry:

Perry The Platypus from the show Phineas and Ferb.
(How can you not love such an adorable meat brick!?)

But it gets better.

You see... Perry isn't just ANY platypus...

He's also... Secretly...

Perry the Platypus.
(Intensely clever to have your code Spy name and your real name be THE SAME NAME!)

You might be wondering, "What's he do?" The real question is, what DOESN'T HE DO?!?!

Behold the following pictures I stole from Google:

And he also makes a great hat!

There's all sorts of Perry merchandise out there!

Unsurprisingly, an ACTUAL Perry hat:

Perry shirts:

Perry shoes:

Perry art:

Perry cakes:

Perry ECLAIRS!!!
(I don't like eclairs, but I think I'd actually eat these ones)

In short, Perry is a PERRY popular guy--er, platypus.

The SPECIFIC Perry I was referring to for my birthday, however, was THIS Perry:
The completely squeezable PERRY PLUSH!
(Available at the Disney Store).

You see, my master plan, was that if I gave her ONLY one option, then she would get me ONLY that one thing!! Sarah sort of has this tendency to be... extreme when it comes to giving people things. She has an eye for a great gift, and she's not afraid to get more than one perfect gift. But I wasn't going to let that happen this year--no siree, only one gift for me. MUAHAHA! It was FOOL PROOF!

Except, I forgot one MAJOR detail.

This was my sister we were talking about.

And I probably shouldn't have told her my plans for my birthday--namely that I would be leaving early in the morning to go clothes shopping with our mother (because she has incredible taste).

I left right on time as I was planning:
*Shoooooooot, I'm running laaaaaaaate*

I began backing out of my parking spot, and was all,
*Sniff sniff* 
*Why does it smell like peanut butter in here?*

 *I know my roommate had a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast... but that doesn't explain why I'd still be smelling it.*

*And it's DEFINATELY peanut butter I smell. I'd know. I love that stuff!*

*Maybe someone left a peanut butter sandwhich in here? (Ew.) Or maybe there's peanut butter cups somewhere that someone secretly left here as a gift, like asking me out to a dance or something. But I don't know why they would, I mean, it's only my birthda--*

*Well how did I miss that?*

Three bouquets of flowers: pink roses, orange roses, and white/pink lilies  Along with a MILLION peanut butter cups, and a bottle of my all time favorite Pineapple Soda. 


*Usually Sarah leaves her surprises in the passenger seat.*

Behold! I had thrown my purse right on top of a stuffed cricket, more chocolate, and an evil note from my sister.

Who is way. way. waaaaay too kind.
And fellas.... she's single... 

Anywho, I parked my car again, since I was about to go on a loooong drive, and I didn't think the flowers could handle that. Instead I gathered everything and brought it discreetly inside...

A text or two revealed that my sister was still in the area, and I demanded her presence in my apartment building so I could chew her out myself.

"No no no Sarah, you were only supposed to get me Perry! No more presents!"
Her explanation: "Well, late last night, I was like GASP, this is Kim's TWENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY. So I got you twenty-one roses, only, they only sell roses in packs of ten, so I got you twenty roses, and then a MILLION lilies to make up for the missing rose. And then I got you pineapple soda since we don't drink alcohol, and so you could take twenty-one shots of SODA! And then the cricket just gave me this look, and was all 'are you thinking what I'm thinking' and I KNEW he had to belong to you! Besides, Perry was WAY TO OBVIOUS of a gift to get you!"

After the predictable moment of bewildered silence, I said,
"Okay, well great, and I love everything and everything, but no more presents!"
And she was all "Okay! Look at this lovely blue jay statue I got you!"
And I did, and I loved it, and I didn't draw it, because this post is turning out to be exceedingly long.
Anyway, I thanked her profusely, and then headed out to my car. Just a little behind schedule now.


 But when I got there?


My punk sister is TOO nice.

And I love her.


  1. I still can't believe you didn't smell the flowers first.... :)

    1. Because I smelled PEANUT BUTTER and that's DELICIOUS!

      Flowers don't taste nearly so nice. ;)

  2. She is a very nice sister, she must have rubbed off on you :)