Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Dash of Pronunciation

Once upon a time, my sister left me a gift in my car.


Meet RainbowDash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Apparently, they were at Build-A-Bear (<3). Her hair was all tied back to help it not get tangled when I found her. So I took it out.

"Ooo, it's so sooooft and cooooolorful..."

On a completely different note, the other day at work, as we were leaving, Ross was like,

"Kim, have you been practicing that?"

My brilliant response, of course was,
"Eh... what?"

"You've been pronouncing your 'T's!"

As may or may not be common knowledge, Utah people have their own sort of accent, where we drop all our hard 'T's. For example: mounTain, becomes moun'ain. LayTon becomes Lay'on. ETc (E'c).

So like any proud, naturally born Utah girl, I was like,

"Psh. No I don'T."


"AH HA! I knew it!"

"You're not really from Utah, are you?"

And I was like...


Or that's what I would have been like if it were true.
Instead I was like...

"Psh. Of course I am."
I mean, sure, my Mom's from Wyoming, but what does that actually have to do with anything?

We locked up the Fencing Center, and headed for our cars.

"Now you won't be able to stop thinking about it, Kim! Every time you say a word, you're going to pause before you pronounce it, and wonder if you'll say the 'T.'"

And I was all,

"Ah ha ha! No, Ross! I won't, because I'm going to stop considering 'T's instantly!"





Needless To say, I refused to Think abouT 'T's on The drive home.
"wriTTen... biTTen... mounTain..."

Curses, Ross. Curses.


  1. Oh, dear. Some Things, once noTiced, are Terribly difficulT To *un*noTice, aren'T They? ...And I realize I'm noT helping. Tee-hee. XD