Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This is my favorite memory of the friend I lost. He always made me smile, and now I hope he can make you smile too. :)

Once Upon a Time...

I was at work, but had some homework to do (I'm allowed to do homework at work! My job is DA BEST!), so I locked myself up alone in Coach Ross' office (I'm his assistant. I can do that) so I could focus.

*Wow I just loove doing homework instead of fencing...*
When suddenly--

I spied something being pushed through the slot in the door.

I stood up gracefully.

And walked calmly to the door.
Slowly, deliberately, the door said, "For. Ross." in Tyler's voice.

On one of the fencing pamphlets, in pen, Tyler had written...

I knew Ross would be furious. He's told all the fencers time and time again that they aren't supposed to mess with the pamphlets. Let alone write on them. In pen.

But we all love getting a rise out of Ross, including me, so when Ross came back to his office...
"Here's a special gift just for you, Ross!"



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