Friday, March 8, 2013

Bright Sunshine-y Day!

So the other day, I looked out my window and was like,

Hey! It's amazing out there! Look at the sunshine! All I need is a light jacket!
So I put it on and stepped outside into the brilliant day.

The brilliant windy, freezing day.
But I walked to school with a positive attitude.

"Stupid, deceitful sun!"
It was uphill, both ways.
No. Really.

 Anywho, when I got to school, I dipped into the restroom to see if my hair looked okay.

It looked fine.

Anyway, yesterday, I learned from my mistakes.

"I know your tricks, sunshine! I am wearing my coat today!"
I outwitted that sun.

*huff puff* why's it so hooooot?

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