Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pen IS Mightier...

So somehow I ended up in a Web Design class.
Weird, right? I suck at technology stuff. (I still don't know how to work our TV properly. Probably because I never use it...)

Once Upon A Time...

So I ended up in this Web Design class. In it, we're supposed to make a Graphic Design Resume.
One problem: I'm not a graphic designer. And besides not being able to work my own TV, compared to Graphic Designers, I suck at things like Illustrator and Photoshop.
So with my epic skillz, I made a Creative Writing Resume, (even though those don't technically exist...). But it's the only thing I could really do. Regardless, the resume rough drafts were displayed in class on a giant projector.

(The black bars are to protect my Nerd Identity)
Admittedly, that's the only thing on there TO like, but thanks.

Well, after seeing everyone else's awesome resumes, I felt inspired, and tried again.

My Prof said the border could be used as a background, and to therefore get rid of it.
That left me with a regular, boring piece of paper again. And a pen.
Not okay.
So I tried to make it more appealing.

"What's with all the stars? Are you obsessed with them or something? Weird..."
Needless to say, that wasn't approved either.
So, ignoring all the previous advice of my professor about what to keep or get rid of, AND ditching the pen (because it just wasn't working) I made THIS (from scratch!) the day before it was due:

I felt pretty proud of myself.
It was viewed for the FIRST TIME EVER on the projector.

"Where did THIS come from? This looks NOTHING like what you were working on yesterday."

"...Is that a good thing? ...or bad?"

"... I'm not sure..."
IE: Bad.

"... I miss the pen...""UHG!"

To be Continued...

If I can manage not to slit my wrists with a rusty spoon before I finish this project, that is...


  1. I LOVED your last one!!! Don't worry about teachers, one of my art teachers really rubbed me the wrong way a lot. It took all I had not to leave the class some days (which was sad because I really wanted to take that class the most!) I just told myself to keep my mind as open during the class and to try my best, but that I shouldn't let that one teacher's opinion get me down. We didn't have the same taste in art ;o)

  2. Thank you for the advice! And I will do my best! The final draft isn't yet working out quite the way I intended, but hopefully it'll be worth everyone's while in the end. :D