Sunday, October 9, 2016

Enter to Win $50: Review Enchanted Kingdom A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book

Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring book, turns 2 months old today! HOORAY!

Image result for pinkie pie confetti gif

But wait.

We haven't done ANYTHING to commemorate this occasion.

We are fixing that PROMPTLY.

To celebrate, we are hosting a $50 Amazon Giftcard Giveway!

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That's right. Fifty. Whole. Dollars. On Amazon. There, you can buy new colored pencils, new pencil cases, more coloring books *wink wink* or that completely random sparkly thing you've been eyeing for a while but have had no real reason to buy. (We've all got some of those, right?)

How do you enter to win, you might ask?

How to Enter to Win a Boat-Load of Money:

It's pretty simple! Leave a review for "Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-tale Coloring Book" on any of the websites where the book is sold. Simply plug the full title into the search bar of the store you visit, and locate our book (which may or may not require a little bit of scrolling). In case you have forgotten, it looks like this:

Please note, you CAN, yes, CAN COPY AND PASTE REVIEWS, meaning you can leave the same exact review on multiple websites.

Dude, you've already got this money in the bag.

Especially since we've also added a bonus entry - If at least one of your reviews includes images of your copy of Enchanted Kingdom (colored pages or not-colored pages) you can win a whole 5 extra bonus points! For those of you, like me, who have a hard time counting, that means 10 chances to win.

But wait, what if you've already reviewed the book, you ask? Well, congrats! You are ahead of the curve! Old reviews count just as much as new reviews! Simply include the link in the indicated field. (And yes, you CAN update that old review to include images to earn those 5 bonus points!)

To Record Your Reviews Follow These Steps:

1. Log into the Rafflecoptor app at the bottom of this post (it's safe!)
2. Leave a link to your review in each of the indicated fields. Note, you must leave a link to the review, not the review itself!
3. Rafflecoptor will choose a winner at Random at the end of the contest! (So in order to have a chance at the prize money, you must include links to reviews in the Rafflecoptor app!)

That's it!

So what are you waiting for? This giveaway is only happening this week! Enter to win now! (You know you want to.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom - Coloring Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered our coloring contest! We loved seeing all of the creative entries! And we got so many great entries, that insted of 3, we are giving away 7 YES, count them, SEVEN copies of Enchanted Kingdom!

Now, we present to you... the winners...

1st Place: Debbie Costello

Prize: Signed Copy of Enchanted Kingdom with pack of 50 colored pencils.

2nd Place: Kyle McKenna

Prize: Signed Copy of Enchanted Kingdom with pack of 36 colored pencils.

3rd Place: Mariah McNeff

Prize: Signed Copy of Enchanted Kingdom with pack of 12 colored pencils.

Honorable Mentions:

Alan Durtschi, Josefina Saliendra, Maribah Litster
Prize: Signed copy of Enchanted Kingdom

Family Award: 

And, last but not least, we received a family entry! We love seeing families come together to color, so we're giving a special extra prize to Micah, Adalicia, and Winston Klug.

Prize: Signed copy of Enchanted Kingdom and two plush beasties.

 Thank you again, everyone! Ashley and I will be in touch to send out prizes!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom - Coloring Contest!!

Are you ready to win FREE STUFF!?

(who isn't?)

To celebrate the upcoming launch of "Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book" A. N. Gephart and I are hosting a COLORING CONTEST *wild cheering in the background*.

Behold The Official Enchanted Kingdom Coloring Contest:

That's right! Your mission, should you choose to select it, is to pick one of the three images below (or all three, we're not actually very picky over here), and COLOR IT.

Door #1: The Griffon from Alice in Wonderland

Door #2: The Beast from Beauty and the Beast

Door #3: The Mermaid from The Little Mermaid

But wait! There's more.... 

1: Save the image above and print!
2: Buy a printer if you do not have one, or mooch off of someone who does.
3: See step 1
4: COLOR COLOR COLOR COLOR! (and remember to fill out the info so we can contact you if you win!)
5: Once drawing of choice is colored however you want (after all, it IS a free country), take a picture or scan the image and send it to me at the email: with the subject COLORING CONTEST. (otherwise, me or my spam bot might get confused and delete you).
6: Proudly display your colored page on social media of your choice with the hashtag #EnchantedColoring (that's so we can find it and go *squee*!).
7: Spread the word about the contest on social media (remember the hashtag)! The more people who enter, the more prizes we'll give away!

DEADLINE: Sunday August 7th! Judging will take place August 8th. Winners will be announced and posted on the blog August 9th (that's LAUNCH DAY!)

What You'll Be Winning:

So far, Ashley and I will be giving away 3 - yes, count them THREE - copies of Enchanted Kingdom  - along with a slew of other prizes! We'll be announcing just exactly what the whole treasure haul consists of next week! So stay tuned...

So what are you waiting for, people?! Start coloring!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book

So, once upon a time, A. N. Gephart and I made a thing:

(hint, that's the thing)

Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book, is one of those adult/relaxation coloring books that are kind of trending right now. So that kind of explains where I've been for the past year.

Tax evasion has nothing to do with it.

I'm pretty stoked about this thing. It's eighty - yus, eighty pages of fairytale themed art - and it's not just your traditional fairytales. Ashley and I also threw in some art from the classics, so like, Alice and Wonderland (and others!).

The idea of creating the book went something like this:

Ashley: Kim! You should totally create a coloring book!

Me: Ah haha. 

Ashley: You could theme it around fairytales.

Kim: *falls out of chair*

In case you can't tell, I've got a soft spot for fairtales (see above publications) - and most especially, Beauty and the Beast.

And by spot, I mean my whole soul.

Anyway, after convincing Ashley to join me in this crazy adventure, using her typography skills to add gorgeous quotes to the book (that you can COLOR!) the rest is a convulated story of sleepless nights and peculiar incidents, many of which I hope to expound on in the upcoming LAUNCH WEEK. If you dare, you can stay up to date with all my crazy antics via Twitter and Facebook.

Until then, if you reeeeeeeally dare, you can preordering the book from Barns and Noble, Amazon, Walmart, or Target!

Did I say "or"? I meant "and". ;)

And apparently it's in Australia too.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Re-Rise From the Dead

This blog is not dead.

This blog is a zombie.

It is now officially undead.

Where have I been for the past year, you may ask? Well, that's a facinating story. It involves me abruptly cutting my hair, moving, writing a book, and growing my hair long again. It does not involve tax evasion or the government.

Otherwise I would have grown a mustache.

I'm working on revamping this blog, cleaning it up, and planning to start posting again on Tuesday's. You ask, "Why Tuesday?" I say, "Whatsa matter with Tuesday?"

Argument won.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My First Cedar Fort Books Are In!!

Hey! Remember back when I did my internship for Cedar Fort? The first two books I worked on are now appearing in shelves! BEHOLD Project 1:

So with this project, ENDURING LIGHT, I teamed up with the head fiction designer, Michelle, to recreate a book cover. The original cover (on the left) was designed to fit a 5X8 trade paperback. However, for the next print, the company decided to up the size to 6X9. Problem is, when covers are made in Photoshop, you can't just drag it bigger without damaging the quality. So, what ended up happening was Michelle and I recreated and improved the cover using visually similar elements. The girl and trees were recovered from the original design. However, Michelle picked out the new cowboy and the fence. I worked on the trees in the midground, and that subtle horse. I don't know if you can see it very clear in this shot, but I also intensified and recreated the foggy colors and textures in the background. Now people really have to endure that light!

Tragically, since this is a recreation, neither Michelle's name or mine ended up on the inside flap under 'cover designer'. The credit still goes to the original artist. *Sigh*

Anyway, Project 2 is POWERFUL PERENNIALS, a gardening book.

This one I didn't touch the cover on, but I edited a lot of the inside content. IE, I redesigned the entire thing. The reason? The original designer created this book to be 10X8 but then the company decided it needed to be 9X9. Which meant everything on the inside had to be redesigned. Since the original designer was AWOL, guess who got to do all that work? The solo design intern (me!).

I don't have samples of the original, which is a shame, because it was gorgeous, but I do have the new design I made.

Tragically, my name didn't make it into the design credit of this one either. I'm not sure why. Regardless, I really hope I have the opportunity to work more with books in the future. I love holding the finished project in my hands.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jack Frost

On Easter, my friends and I were watching RISE OF THE GUARDIANS

If you have not watched this yet, do so now.

The cast is pretty gnarly, as I'm sure you guessed considering it's made entirely from fairytale characters.


The Sand Man

The Tooth Fairy

The Easter Bunny (he's my favorite!)

And the super attractive, voiced by Chris Pine...

Jack Frost

The plot's something about saving the world, or you know, whatever--it's great--watch it--
During one of the slow scenes though, right when all hope is lost and the heroes are doomed...

(this part)

One of my friends says,

And then my other friend says,